PREVIEW PAGE The Pizza Guy #5 (not yet in release!)


I’m hard at work on The Pizza Guy #5, about 3/4 of the way done with digital corrections, and I thought I’d share some of it.  I’m really pleased with the increase in the quality and  consistency of the work (despite firmly accepting Emerson’s admonition regarding “the hobgoblin.”), if I do say so myself.

Scripting is almost complete and I think the current series has two more issues past #5, before this particular arc finds its intersection with intent.  Ha. I’m such a dork. Whatever, I make no apology for loving novelty and despising conventionality of writing.  Yes! I say, pursue the paragon; be not a parrot in poetry and prose.

Anyway … a fun splash page from TPG #5:

The Pizza Guy #5
The Pizza Guy #5



Free Pages of The Pizza Guy #4


Here for your perusal and consideration (for the comix curators out there) is a preview selection from The Pizza Guy #4, an ongoing series exploring philosophy and young love  at a franchise pizza delivery store in suburbia in the heydecade of slack: the nineties!

Enjoy, comixrade!

The Pizza Guy by Fort Dudak
The Pizza Guy by Fort Dudak

TPG004PG001 The Pizza Guy by Fort DudakTPG004PG003TPG004PG004

The Pizza Guy by Fort Dudak


TPG004PG007 TPG004PG008

AND THEN EVEN A LITTLE MORE LATER … TPG004PG027 TPG004PG028 TPG004PG029And on the story goes … thanks for reading!